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Alberta Improvements for Musculoskeletal Disorders Study was designed to establish the burden of illness for such diseases in the province.

Alberta Strategy to Help Manage Asthma is a patient health management partnership composed of approximately 180 community physicians from across the province, academic specialists in respiratory disease from universities.

The Canadian Osteoarthritis Treatment Program had a primary goal of determining the contemporary prescribing practices of a selected cohort of busy Ontario community care physicians. A secondary goal was to assess the potential influence of availability and type of reimbursement on prescription patterns.

Care gap
The difference between what best care could be, as opposed to what it actually is, in the whole population at risk for any given disease.

Concordance model for patient-physician interaction
A system where the patient conveys his or her beliefs to the physician, who enables this to happen. The task of the physician is to convey his or her (informed) health beliefs to the patient, who entertains these. Concordance puts the patient first and at the centre of his or her health care.

A precursor of ICONS, the Clinical Quality Improvement Network was partnership of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other professional health stakeholders from community and university hospitals across Canada. Its goal was the enhancement of management practices for the major cardiac diseases and a corresponding improvement in survival and quality of life for the affected individuals.

Concertation pour une Utilisation Raisonnée des Anti-Inflammatoires dans le Traitement de l'Arthtrose was created to evaluate two educational interventions on the appropriate use of anti-inflammatory agents in patients with  osteoarthritis.

The Epidemiology Coordinating and Research Centre is a clinical trials and health services research centre. EPICORE is also the home of the Clinical Quality Improvement Network (CQIN), a health services research network with centres across Canada.

The Falls, Fracture and Osteoporosis Risk Control and Evaluation project is a coalition of community, government and industry partners working toward a goal of reducing osteoporosis-related complications in Northern Ontario, centered in Sault Ste. Marie.

Hawthorne Effect
The initial improvement in a process of production caused by the obtrusive observation of that process. Similarly, the act of measuring patient health may improve health outcomes.

Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes in Nova Scotia was conceived as a province-wide, partnership-measurement model of disease management to focus on patients with both acute and chronic heart problems. More specifically, it was to evaluate the pre-hospital, in-hospital and post-hospital care of patients with heart attacks, unstable angina, congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

The Manitoba Anti-inflammatory Appropriate Utilization Initiative was designed with a first phase to determine prescribing patterns for chronic anti-inflammatory drug use across the province, irrespective of disease diagnosis and in anticipation of finding care gaps, with subsequent intervention phases to close the gaps.

Maximizing Osteoporosis Management in Manitoba is a patient health management program. It objectives include determining the prevalence of women with osteoporosis who are at increased risk for fracture and the care they receive, anticipating care gaps and improving the use of evidence-based prevention and treatment strategies through targeted interventions, assessing changes in practice following intervention(s), including assessing the impact of MOMM on disease awareness, patient diagnosis and treatment patterns.

Patient Health Management is a system of coordinated health care interventions and communications for populations with conditions in which patient self-care is significant.

Recognizing Osteoporosis and its Consequences in Quebec include academic and community physicians from across Quebec and the industry. The project's approach to improving the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in Quebec, like most other work in this field, is multi-phased and projected to continue over several years.

Known in French as VESPA, Towards Excellence in Asthma Management is a broad-based, disease management partnership to improve asthma management in Quebec.